Traditional Farming Problems

High Cost Of Expenses

Traditional farming methods do not have cost-saving measures in place to help lower resource usage, hence they are not cost-effective.

Little Or No Crop Monitoring

Regular farms do very little to ensure that their crops are growing optimally and remain healthy. This results in lower crop yield.

Unreliable Paper-Based Records

The hassle of paper-based records is a well-known issue in many industries, this being no exception. These types of records can easily be lost or damaged and its a nightmare to manage them.

Minimal Tracking Of Operations

Most operations aren't even being tracked on non-smart farms. The only record of operations is from the memory of owners or managers.

Inefficient Delegation Of Tasks

Word-of-mouth delegation of tasks can be a problem since there is no proof of duties assigned, workers can forget to complete a task, and some instructions can be lost in translation or misunderstood.

Lack of knowlege

Usually, farmers lack expertise in certain areas. Crops could easily be over watered and suffer as a result. This is due to a lack of knowledge.

Untimely Weather Reports

Farmers rely on news or third-party weather apps for their forecasts. This means that they miss out on emergency updates. As a result, crops could be destoyed in the event of a sudden thunderstorm.

Extremely Time Consuming

Traditional farm management methods are extremely time-consuming as it requires you to be on-premises. Admin work is also tiresome since it is done manually.

Ineffective Reporting

Regular farms have little or no reports showing their past and current progress. More importantly, they also lack valuable insights into future predictions.

Our Solutions

Cloud Database

We store all your data securely in the cloud. This means its accessible on the go and on multiple platforms. Manage your farm on any phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. Also, Workers have access to all their tasks in the field while they work! With Agricoza, your data and records are never lost nor destroyed.

Electronic Assignment Of Tasks

We have complex algorithms in place to ease the burden of farm management. Our system can detect idle workers or workers with the least amount of active tasks and assign new tasks respectively. This ensures that no single worker is ever overworked.

I.O.T Sensors

With the help of IoT, we are able to get data directly from the field onto our system. This allows us to monitor crop health from any location. We can now make sure that all crops are growing optimally, thus increasing crop yield, and ultimately lowering the cost of food.

Automated Farm Management

Agricoza's smart farm management uses sensor data together with weather forecasts to automate the delegation of tasks. A task can automatically be given to a worker to water a field. E.g. if no rain is predicted, and the water level on that field drops below the crop's requirement, assigning a task to fix the problem is suggested.

Intergrated Weather Forcasts

We have integrated a weather API into Agricoza's core system allowing its users to never miss an update. Sudden changes in weather conditions can be detected early and dealt with automatically by our automation agent. This ensures that no crops are lost during extreme weather conditions.

Financial Forecasting

We have implemented predictive analysis reporting across the platform. Using our clients' historic-data, we can analyse trends and predict future financial possibilities. We can suggest adding another field with a particular type of crop that is most profitable or, showing the possible profit for an upcoming period of time.

Real-Time Updates

We have real-time updates implemented with many aspects of our system. We have a real-time chat system. Workers receive tasks in real-time via notifications. Our IoT sensor data is constantly updating and the values reflect without moving a finger. Lastly, changes in weather conditions are constantly being checked to ensure the best possible experience. All this allows us to never miss anything important.

Automated Reporting

We have the data, why not use it? Agricoza uses all of the required data to provide you with reliable, accurate, and up to date reports on just about anything useful. We have historic-data, real-time data, descriptive analysis, and predictive analysis for all your past, present, and future needs.

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